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Presenter/Producer (Season 1)
Tom is a writer, director, producer and performer, and is best known as a series writer and performer in the Prix Europa-nominated podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats (available now on all podcast platforms), and as the playwright behind the stage adaptation of the Rocky Horror sequel, Shock Treatment (King's Head, 2015). He is the Artistic Director of Crowley & Co., with whom he has produced a two-week takeover at VAULT 2016 entitled The Locker, Felix Trench's Radioman (Old Red Lion, 2016), Molly Beth Morossa's Greywing House (London Horror Festival, VAULT 2017) and a regular variety show at Brasserie Zédel, The Night. @crowleeey


Eleanor is an actor, writer and storyteller from London. Following an English degree at the University of Oxford, Eleanor went on to train at Drama Studio London. She is currently working towards an MA in Text and Transmission at King's College London. Eleanor is a founding member of Audioscribble and her award-winning immersive theatre company, ONEOHONE, specialises in interactive work. Most recently, they have been working on a project in partnership with the London Czech Centre. Eleanor is also the voice of Janine in the popular running app, Zombies, Run! and other recent credits include Rachel in The Tragedy of Merry, Lady Macduff in Macbeth and Ismene in Antigone. She also has another podcast up her sleeve - watch this space! @wellybeana

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Jenny used her journalism training to decide that she didn’t want to be a journalist and instead got involved in the world of publishing and PR recruitment, working with the likes of Penguin and Harper Collins, before moving on to more food-related things. As was her wont. She has lived in London for over seven years, dabbling in writing poetry and short fiction before getting involved with Audioscribble and subsequently Story Etc. where she now puts her organisational tendencies to average use. She can normally be found in bookshops, plotting her own dream future bookshop. Or wherever there is a cat. @jennyredredmond

Supervising Editor
Odinn is an Icelandic composer and filmmaker based in London. Since graduating with an MA in Digital Film and Television Production from the University of York, he has been working in theatre, film and podcasts making music, sound design and various forms of video content. Recently Odinn has worked on several plays at VAULT Festival 2017 including Crocodile, Siren and Casual Violence’s Grot in the Grotto. In 2016 he was the composer for the comedy podcast Hector Vs The Future and worked on Crowley & Co.’s production of Radioman at the Old Red Lion Theatre. When not working, Odinn makes music for himself, watches films and TV for vital “research” and repeatedly strums his favourite chord Fmaj7 on the guitar. @odinnthehole